Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Mix

Company classic. Years ago we discovered this recipe for the best pancakes and waffles you've ever tasted. Since that time, this easy-to-make mix has become a top seller. We have so many customers writing in to tell us that they enjoy the pancakes and waffles so much that they can't eat any other kind, even their own homemade! They eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner topped with our Pure Maine Maple Syrup, one of our fruit butters or with fresh creamery butter and a dusting of confectioners' sugar. The perfect amount of vanilla and a bit of malt makes this batter exceptional. Pancakes and waffles are light, fluffy and flavorful, and the aroma is entirely enticing! These pancakes and waffles will get even the sleepiest heads up in the morning. Try them, you'll become fans too. - Jonathan King & Jim Stott, Creators of Stonewall Kitchen. Made in USA.