Tofurky Peppered Deli Slices

Tofurky® Deli Slices Peppered. Still Family owned & independent Since 1980. All Vegan. Excellent source of protein. Good source of fiber. No saturated fat. Cholesterol free. Spice rubbed zesty plant-based non-GMO ingredients. Non-GMO. The friendliest food on the plate. Popping with pepper! These pastrami-style peppered slices have a lot of personality. They really shine in a Reubenesque sandwich (that's a meat-free reuben). We support many causes to raise awareness for people, animals and our planet. Please recycle. This packaging was made with recycled materials and low VOC inks. Recycle it. Certified B Corporation. 100% Recycled Paperboard®. Made with in Oregon. The Tofurky Company.