Yasso Yogurt Bars, Greek, Mint Chocolate Chip, 4 Pack 4 Ea

Put this mint where your mouth is. If you're hoping for a hint of mint, lick elsewhere. Our Mint Chocolate Chip bar doubles down on flavor with Yasso's mintiest mint frozen Greek yogurt. Then we mix in chocolatey chips, because we're all about keeping it classic. Enjoy! - Amanda & Drew, Founders. Meet the fam, everything you need to build the snack drawer of your dreams: poppables, sandwiches, dipped. Live & active cultures. 0 Artificial sweeteners. Yasso Game On! Foundation: We taste god. we do good. Thanks you for supporting Game On! with your purchase. Learn how we work to inspire health and happiness in communities with our Game On! Foundation at yasso.com/game-on.