We're turning food scraps into energy!

Turning food waste into fuel with the Grind2Energy system!

Sendik’s uses the Grind2Energy organics recycling system to divert food waste from landfills, instead creating sustainable energy and environmental benefits for our local community. As of August 2016, since implementing this system in our stores, Sendik’s has:

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Generated enough natural gas to heat 2,505 homes for 1 month – or, enough to heat your home for over a lifetime!

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Produced 651,919 lbs of nutrient-rich fertilizer, helping Wisconsin crops grow!

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Generated enough electricity to power 1,683 homes for 1 month – comparable to the amount of households in the Wisconsin Dells!

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Eliminated greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 7,488,410 automobile miles – over five lifetimes worth of driving!

That’s 4,812 tons of food scraps transformed into renewable energy!

Watch the videos below to learn how Sendik’s is using the Grind2Energy system to create a difference in our community.

Watch Grind2Energy Sendik’s Food Testimonial on Youtube

Watch Sendik’s Grind2Energy News Clip on Youtube