Banana Streusel Muffins & Enjoy Sendik's All Week

We have several days of school under our belts by now and so far things are under control.  The drama and tears (mine) have been kept to a minimum, though I am terribly sad that the carefree days of summer are gone.   We’re down to the brass tacks of long practices after school and backpacks weighed down with loads Read more

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Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins

I thought of changing the name of this recipe to “The Best Blueberry Muffin I Ever Made” or “Better than Coffee Shop Blueberry Muffins” or “Worth the Muffin Top Muffins” or just about any other title than what they’re actually called. This is not because I don’t think Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins sounds incredibly appetizing — I just didn’t want to frighten anyone off at the prospect of having to brown butter. It’s really not hard to do and it’s not scary at all, so I’ll just leave the title as is and encourage you to try a new technique today. No one wants to talk about muffin tops anyhow.

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Free Form Blueberry Tart

I made that tart up there all by myself. Can you believe it? Me — the pastry challenged girl who can’t make a pie crust to save her soul — I MADE THAT TART WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS!! What the heck?! Are you as amazed as I am? It might be about the prettiest thing I’ve ever written of on this blog.

Enjoy Sendik's All Week & A Great Mango Smoothie

This week, I’m discussing my habits with you here —  Tuesday it was my pizza issue.  Today, it’s mangoes.  The DamFam fights over mangoes the same way we do about greasy cartons of Chinese food leftovers.  I guess there are worse things to fight about.  So when mangoes go on sale, like they are this week, I stock up.  I bring them Read more

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Breakfast Bruschetta

I thought I’d put a breakfast “appetizer” idea out there for you all this week. Something healthy-ish to nosh on whilst you make your way through your marshmallow peep and jelly bean stash on Sunday morning – a little nibble while you wait for the egg casserole to finish baking. This breakfast bruschetta is a pretty little prelude to Easter Sunday brunch. Hope the Bunny is good to everyone. “Hoppy” Easter. : )

Mango Sorbet

I’ve had a slight issue of late with my ice cream maker. And the issue is that I cannot seem to stop finding excuses to use it. In the past oh, about ten days or so, I’ve made four different flavors: chocolate gelato (both milk and dark; milk was better), cookies and cream (a great use for those stale Oreos I had thanks to people in my house who cannot seem to figure out how to properly seal packaging), and a fantastic mint chocolate chip. Mint chocolate chip was the absolute, hands down, bombdigity. I’m not even that big of a sweets fan, but I swear, I could not tear myself away from that stuff. Amazing.

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How to be the Perfect Hostess ….

Whether I’ve made this to serve to guests, or I’ve made it because I WAS the guest, this is the most awesome coffee cake I know how to bake. Well actually, I do have one that I think is even awesomer, but it doesn’t have fruit in it (hit me up for it sometime, I’ll spill it in a skinny minute). But in the fruit-filled category, this recipe wins hands down. And yes, you may remember seeing it here before. But when I made it for overnight guests this past weekend and my punks called it “the total bomb” (which in punk speak means, like, really really good), I had to make sure you all knew it was here.

Fresh Fruit Tart with White Chocolate Filling

By now you know that I’m not much for baking due to the fact that I pretty much stink at the whole process. So you might think that I paid someone off to make the fruit tart I’m discussing today, but that would be wrong. In fact, the tart pictured above was made by me, myself and I with very little fuss or muss. And believe it or not, I even managed to keep the use of questionable language in check.

Enjoy Sendik’s All Week!

If you need a little more inspiration for dinner ideas this week, here are a couple of great recipes that use the brand new Sendik’s Black Angus Ground Beef that’s on sale right now. Both recipes are 100% kid tested, mother approved. Both will get you in and out of the kitchen in record time. And most importantly, either one will help you out of any menu funk you might be experiencing this afternoon.

No need to thank me … I live for this stuff.

Black and Blueberry Crisp with Peaches

No, you’re not having deja vu …. if this dish looks familiar to you it’s because I first posted it here last July and I still remember the day quite clearly: I ate the photo shoot for breakfast and made no apologies.

Even though I love trying new recipes, I’m bringing this crisp back out today. It’s the perfect time to make it – blueberries and peaches are on sale, it tastes like summer, and it’s easy like Sunday morning! I can’t think of a more perfect dessert for weekend entertaining.