Turkey Tortilla Stack

If you’re a regular reader here at F-cubed, you’ll probably recognize this recipe from a couple of months ago. I thought I would put it out there again because a) it’s super yummy; b) lots of its ingredients are on sale; c) you might have a decent pile of turkey meat stockpiled after Thursday, and this is the perfect use for it. Tune in later in the week for three more recipes that will also make great use of your leftover bird.

Happy Thanksgiving. : )

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Pork Shoulder Tacos

In case you’re just sitting around, pondering what to make for dinner next Monday night (and who doesn’t ponder a meal that’s almost a week away?), I’ve got your main course covered. Yes, indeed I do. Here’s what needs to happen: sometime this coming Sunday, you’re either going to go yourself or send an able-bodied shopper who lives with you to the nearest Sendik’s. That’s where Pork Shoulder Roasts will be on sale for $1.99 a pound. ONE DOLLAR AND NINETY NINE CENTS A POUND. Apologies for the shouty caps but I really just want to drive the point home: you will be able to make these fantastic tacos with a pork roast that’ll run you roughly six bucks and change. Maybe seven if you want a little extra.

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Chicken Tortilla Stack

You know by now that I have somewhat of a taco obsession. I would eat them two or three or seven times a week if I had my druthers, and if I didn’t think the DamFam would rise up in some sort of Ortega-fueled rebellion. Since I have no desire for that sort of scenario to play out around my kitchen table, I find ways get a taco fix without serving actual tacos by sneakily swapping in tostadas, salads, burrito bowls, quesadillas, and the like.

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No exaggeration, you’re looking at the most delicious recipe I’ve indulged in since summer began. I first made it for an appetizer at the lake, but I love it so much that I’ve been keeping it in the fridge just to have for lunch or a quick snack. The Pickle is hooked on it, too. Our favorite way to eat it is standing at the kitchen counter, scooping it up with saltines right out of the sleeve, and passing the Valentina sauce back and forth between us. Classy.

Chicken & Black Bean Quesadillas

Wanna make something that’s quick, easy and completely delicious? I mean, I’m assuming you do – that’s probably why you’ve come here today. People don’t frequent this blog for gardening guidance or fashion tips. You’re here because you’re looking for dinnertime inspiration, and you guys know I love to dish it out.

Chicken Chilaquiles

I love hanging out in the kitchen – any kitchen- with friends, and if I can learn a thing or two while socializing and catching up, that’s all the better. On Monday afternoon my friend Fernanda taught me how to make chicken chilaquiles the same way her mother made them when Fernanda was a kid growing up in Mexico – what fun for me to watch someone make a dish she knows by heart.

Huevos Rancheros … or, Breakfast for Dinner

It happens sometimes – even to Sendik’s biggest fan. It happened to me on Sunday. I had plans to go to the Mequon store after my workout. But there I was at the gym, where I had just done my time on the treadmill. As I was disinfecting the console for the machine’s next victim, Stephen Tyler began butchering the National Anthem to open the Patriots / Ravens game. It was awful (a little pitchy, dawg!), and yet, I was completely riveted. Like a car crash you know you shouldn’t slow down to peek at but you just can’t help it. And after one look at Tom Brady’s mug, I was sucked in. I needed Sunday football in my life.

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Baja Fish Tacos with Southwestern Slaw

Crazy end of the school year stuff ruled my life yesterday, and before I knew it, it was 4:10 and I had absolutely no idea what we were going to have for dinner. Usually I know what I’m making by around 9am, but there were wacky errands to run and a messy house to contend with and a workout to fit in and dinner just wasn’t part of my grand plan.

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

We were out with our friends Fernanda and Jorge this past Saturday night. They moved their family from Mexico to Milwaukee for Jorge’s job a few years ago, and we’ve gotten to know them recently. I love their accents. I also love to pick Fernanda’s brain about food from her Motherland, so of course I had to ask her about her menu plans for Cinco de Mayo. And naturally – because I tend to get really excited about these things – I was expecting a full and colorful description of authentic dishes, recipes and family traditions — and instead she looked at me like I was loco.

Chicken Tostadas

In keeping with the Cinco de Mayo theme of this beautiful brand new sale ad, I’m sharing one of my new favorite Tex-Mex dishes here today. I’ve probably made these tostadas five times over the past three months, because they are soooo easy, incredibly delicious, and everyone (YES! everyone!) here loves them. What more could you ask for in a weeknight dinner?

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