Crab Cake Sliders with Spicy Mayo

Here’s a nifty new recipe to go along with the seafood theme of the current ad. If you’re in need of a holiday appetizer this coming weekend, these crab cakes are the perfect little number. I’m considering serving them for Christmas Eve dinner, alongside big bowls of my favorite New England Clam Chowder.

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Italian Sub Sandwiches

Let’s all plan to stay away from heat generating devices this week. I don’t know about you, but I am far too delicate (as I snort) to stand near an oven, or tend home fires, charcoal fires, bonfires, or any other manner of flame throughout the duration of this little hot spell we’re having here. Let’s build a nice, cool sandwich and call it a day.

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Cobb Salad Pitas

Today I have a sandwich idea that’s the perfect way to get the main course salad concept past your little kids or your teenagers. Maybe you know someone like NTYB who, when he hears we’re having salad for dinner, gets very ornery because he 1). is “a growing teenage boy, mom” and 2). wants to (cough) “bulk up” for cross country season (what?). I laugh because, have you met NTYB? He weighs approximately 105 lbs. soaking wet. So when we have salad for dinner I usually try to make it into something a little more substantial, lest my teenagers waste away before my eyes. Tonight we had these yummy Cobb Salad Pitas with a big pile of crispy roasted redskin potatoes and thick wedges of watermelon. It was the perfect summer meal.

Crispy Tilapia Sandwich

It’s time once again for the sale we’ve all been waiting for. The perfect mid-winter pick-me-up and no, I’m not talking about the semi-annual shoe clearance at Nordstrom, (although that’s a good one too). “Seven Days, Seven Ways to Save” has returned to your favorite Balistreri Sendik’s, where there will be some awesome deals in store (pun intended, my apologies) every day of the week throughout the duration of the sale.

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Enjoy Sendik's All Week and Baked Ham and Swiss on Pretzel Rolls

Two days ago I had the Fiddle Faddle bug; today it’s hot ham sandwiches.  No, I’m not kidding.  I saw something on Pinterest recently where someone made baked ham sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls for a football party and ever since then I can’t stop thinking about baking a ham sandwich.  Except I don’t care for Hawaiian rolls, and Read more

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Open-Faced Salmon BLT with Basil Mayonnaise

The Pickle and I were driving over to the high school this morning for her 8:00 cross country practice, and we had Kramp & Adler on the radio. They were discussing all the different ways for Milwaukee locals to stay cool in the heat this week and they were taking calls from anyone with constructive suggestions. So this guy out in Oconomowoc called in and offered some really helpful advice: he said everyone should stop in to Lorleberg Hardware on highway 16 and pick up an anti-chafing product they have there that can help you avoid …. uhm, uncomfortable situations in the heat. Because this is a food blog I’m not even going to tell you what the product was called, but given my immaturity and all I thought it was quite funny. The Pickle however is 14 and she embarrasses quite easily and thought that anyone talking about this sort of thing on the radio must be flat out of their minds and she asked me to please change the station, stat.

Croque Monsieur

I’m working through shaking off the Packers’ loss, and I hope you are too. Although I am still quite sad and disappointed over how the season ended, I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed after I realized that sobbing in a fetal position is no way to go through life. Not to dwell, but weren’t you so looking forward to a few weekends of playoffs, and then a Packers Super Bowl repeat? Football has a twisted way of giving purpose to dismal late January weekends — but the football gods just weren’t with us on Sunday.

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Steak Baguettes with Pesto Mayo

Summer Sandwich Challenge, Round 3: my favorite one yet! There are so many things I love about this sandwich, I hardly know where to start. I didn’t think it would be possible to beat my usual steak sandwich — this one comes pretty close though. I’m gonna call a tie.

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Simple Supper or Saturday Lunch

The weekend has rolled around again and as part of my normal Friday routine, I’ve stocked the fridge with milk, oj, fruit, eggs, and bacon (among other provisions) to last through breakfasts and lunches and snack after snack – hopefully enough until Sunday afternoon, when I’ll be back in Sendik’s, gathering still more groceries for Sunday supper. But that’s a good 48 hours off. First things first. We have a lot of weekend ahead of us!

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Picnic Pork Chop Sandwich

I love the chicken and pork sandwich fillets you can get in the meat department now. I’ve tried both and am sold on this cut! They cook quickly and are a great option for an easy dinner on a busy night – or, haul all your goods to the ballpark and enjoy this sandwich next time you tailgate. Hopefully by that time the Brewer’s will have turned things around – as I write this they’ve lost their past seven games!